Nimbus Coffee puts meticulous care into creating unique tastings. Nimbus prides itself on sourcing produce and ingredients from local farms and specialty stores to bring you unique items straight from our spell-book. Enjoy our house favorites brewed just for you.


While sipping on some coffee at a local cafe, buried in law books, my mind drifted to a place where the regular mundane cafe turned into a whimsical destination with unique libations so magical that it would welcome all sorts of modern wizards.


Having grown up with a strong matriarch always conjuring wholesome meals, I developed a strong culinary drive. That’s when I had an epiphany, I teamed up with my boss lady mom to combine our passions to create a diverse space where culture and coffee meet; where our ideas, voices and recipes would thrive. That is how Nimbus Coffee came to life in June 2019 in the heart of Los Angeles.


We strive to create a unique experience that can transport you out of the ordinary, every time you walk through our doors or sip our drinks like how I envisioned it to be.

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