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Nimbus Coffee is an appetizing destination wrapped in an atmosphere of fantasy and satirical urban wizardry. Serving artisan treats with a cultural flair, Nimbus Coffee offers an environment that is not only worthy of your selfie but compels you to sit a spell and be inspired by the power of imagination and the magic of tasty concoctions.  


Quench your thirst with custom drink blends and savor fresh artisan roasted beans in your coffee selections. With a wide palate of delectable flavors, your taste bud will be in for a treat. Nimbus Coffee is a whimsical retreat, an enhancement from your usual gastronomic routine!


Nimbus Coffee puts meticulous care into creating unique tastings. Nimbus prides itself on sourcing produce and ingredients from local farms and specialty stores to bring you unique items straight from our spell-book. Enjoy our house favorites brewed just for you.


Savory Delights

Special Ingredients: 

Artisan Sourdough Bread, Spinach Artichoke spread, Parmesan Garlic, fresh Avocado Mash, Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Farmer’s Market Arugula, and drizzled with Glazed Italian Balsamic Vinegar

Untitled_Artwork 9.png


Sourdough Bread - Rockenwagner Bakery | Los Angeles, CA

Balsamic Vinegar - Kofinas: Cincinnati, OH; imported from Modena, Italy

Produce - Scarborough Farms | Oxnard, CA


Accio Avocado Toast

Accio ~ because once you have tried this toast you will be asking for another! This masterpiece is what avocado dreams are made of. Sprinkled with real Parmesan Garlic and baked to order.

Decadent Sweet Treats

Mega Bacon Bourbon Cinnamon Roll

24 hours to make, 24 seconds to eat! This much-loved cinnamon brioche roll, with bacon bits sprinkled throughout (so you get a taste of apple-wood smoked flavor), is balanced with a bourbon maple glaze. The perfect blend of sweet & savory and only makes an appearance once a week so get it while it’s hot! *Saturday Only

Special Ingredients: 

4 Roses Bourbon & Center Apple-wood Smoked Bacon

Untitled_Artwork 10.png

Sparkling Potions


Special Ingredients: 

Lemons from Local Produce Market, House-made organic cherry compote (Organic Cascadian Farms Cherries and Nielsen Massey Amaretto) and 24 Carat Gold Fairy Dust


Organic Cherries -  Cascadian Farms

Lemons - Scarborough Farms | Oxnard, CA


Dragon's Breathe

A sparkly cherry-ade with a citrus punch that glistens as you twirl your straw wand. A treat so tasty, the mother of dragons would be proud.

Hand-crafted Elixers

Notorious Black

A drink as iconic as the people who inspired it.

A bold drink served hot but best when it’s cold.


Special Ingredients: 

Stumptown single-origin Espresso Bean, Activated Coconut Charcoal, house-brewed Rosemary Syrup with fresh herbs, fresh organic whole milk from Straus Creamery which can be swapped out for a vegan option like Oatly Oat Milk, or Califia Almond Milk.


Herbs - Scarborough Farms | Oxnard, CA



While sipping on some coffee at a local cafe, buried in law books, my mind drifted to a place where the regular mundane cafe turned into a whimsical destination with unique libations so magical that it would welcome all sorts of modern wizards.


Having grown up with a strong matriarch always conjuring wholesome meals, I developed a strong culinary drive. That’s when I had an epiphany, I teamed up with my boss lady mom to combine our passions to create a diverse space where culture and coffee meet; where our ideas, voices and recipes would thrive. That is how Nimbus Coffee came to life in June 2019 in the heart of Los Angeles.


We strive to create a unique experience that can transport you out of the ordinary, every time you walk through our doors or sip our drinks like how I envisioned it to be.

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